There is a marshal’s baton in each soldier’s backpack. Napoleon I

Sunday Logistic OU was established in May 2006. We are fast-growing company. We are proud to say that knowledge and experience accumulated by our team allow to plan and manage carriage of goods with maximum efficiency and to attract new customers.

In 2011 our company opened a branch in Canada in order to facilitate work with customers on the American continent. We also have a branch in Estonian border town of Narva that deals with all questions in connection with Estonian and Russian customs authorities and provides for delay-free crossing of border between Europe and Russia.

In 2012 we plan to invest in expanding our transportation department and purchasing additional transport for carriage of out-of-gauge and dangerous goods.

Our company aims at becoming a leader on transportation and forwarding market and to have established and well-functioning logistics routes. We reach this goal by providing delivery of customer’s goods by the exact time to the exact place with minimum expenses.